We need it to survive more than we need water. The thirst for surety is unquenchable. The void left by aching desire to know deepens until we pave it over, sealing away history in the hollow cavities of our mind. We must know, otherwise we do not, and resent its absence. Unknowing forces us to scurry away Рevade our vulnerability. Deny. Deny the possibility that we may be but players in a game bigger than ourselves. Ignorance is bliss. Escape from the pressing orders of existence terminates the seed of calamity. We feel it again: empty happiness. Nothing is so nothing does so nothing can harm us. All is well, we will make it so. We will shape our world, our time, and our future to be a better one, a stronger one, a smarter one, ours. Manifest destiny, the pillar upon which we stand tall against the blows of scornful winds pushing us back back back into the throws of our fears of fear realized. headstrong. Simplicity guides us to be direct with our pains and shape them into something benign. Lock it away, lock it away! Send it to oblivion bury it toss it into the depths of the deepest chasm take it away! Pave over the hole left behind. Begin anew, spotless mind.


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