All we have is tomorrow. That lilting eventuality that keeps us on our feet, marching relentlessly onward with the flow of time. It is always there for us, no matter what. Floating on gently drifting with the softest breeze it greets us without prejudice, without apprehension, without reservation. We will be welcomed by tomorrow, it will be better there, we can remake ourselves into the men and women we are destined to be, we’re sure of it. Tomorrow we start free! Free the incessant turbulence of yesterday, scornful unforgiving that dares to swallow hope into its bottomless darkness: somber disappearance, fading into the distance, sinking, nonexistence. Tomorrow is not like that, it can’t be! Tomorrow will comfort us, it will help us up, guide and nurture us. Tomorrow means not to harm us, no. That beacon far far away, peeking over the horizon; shifting with the waves we yearn for it! Oh how close tomorrow is I can taste its splendor! It will never hurt us the way today does, it will be good to us! Let it come! Oh do come soon, Tomorrow, we await a New-day.


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